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Psychedelic egg Truffle Tower Leopard Egg Speckled mini Eggs
Psychedelic egg
From: £45.00
Truffle Tower
From: £200.00
Leopard Egg
From: £24.99
A handcrafted vibrant psychedelic Easter egg Beautifully handmade truffle tower Hand painted Leopard print Easter egg. Speckled mini Eggs
Orange Egg Chubby Sheep Dark orange discs Chilli Truffle
Orange Egg
From: £27.99
Chubby Sheep
From: £8.99
Dark orange discs
From: £4.99
Chilli Truffle
From: £7.99
Orange Easter egg splashed with devilishly dark chocolate Milk chocolate hollow sheep with his white curly coat. A 100g box of devilishly dark chocolate discs infused with the taste of oranges. A silky smooth dark chocolate chilli truffle.